PhoenixTool — программа для редактирования микропрограмм Phoenix и InsydeH2O.



FIX: Various fixes for Gigabyte Z170 boards


ADD: SLIC 2.4 recognition
FIX: Failed to identify correct Dell header type
FIX: Some Dell headers have invalid size


ADD: Support for DELL PFS headers
ADD: High DPI support (requires .NET 4.7)
FIX: Header parsing bug
FIX: Some improvements to dynamic resizing code (to make changed modules same size)
FIX: Updated 7zip components


Пример HTML-страницы

FIX: Fixed window scaling
FIX: Further changes to dynamic resizing code


FIX: Parse RW reports that don’t contain an RSDT table
FIX: New key.txt for new module mods (from
FIX: Scroll bars in very small resolution screens
FIX: Default header checksum changed from AAh for all to 5Ah for v1 FV.


ADD: Support for old Dell BIOSes that don’t have any header structure, just modules.

FIX: Header scanning bug that led to ‘beyond end of FV’ and ‘additional data’ errors in the log
FIX: Couple of label adjustments in GUI since main form made smaller

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Может также пригодится доработанный файл hewprsa.exe из состава PhoenixTool, позволяющий декриптовать все существующие bios HP. Файл необходимо копировать с заменой в папку с программой PhonixTool.

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